Nexgen Management Group provides an intensive Football and Athletics Training programme for 16 year olds and over at elite level.

To become a professional footballer it is no longer enough to solely be good at moving the ball, standards are getting higher, competition is getting stronger. Our unique package provides intensive Football, Psychological and Speed training. We bring out the best in you and get you to the peak of your performance, which will be alot further than you could imagine.

The training schedule is intense.

Along with this you will play in house games to keep a record of your development along with our Showcase Matches where we turn the Invisible into the Visible. Scouts and Agents from reputable clubs including those from the premiership will be present to cherry pick those who have achieved the standards…….

We are based in London Borough of Enfield and train at the impressive Lea Valley National Athletics Centre and The Hive Football Centre.

Tel: 07860 880162


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