What do you do when your man’s best friend is a woman? Not just any woman, but a beautiful, sexy and alluring one? That’s the question Kai Edwards has to ask herself when Todd Daniels’ best friend, Alana Brooks, moves to Chicago and straight into the middle of their perfect life.
When it comes to love, attraction, and competition, Kai is forced to put her best foot forward to keep her man’s attention focused squarely on her. Kai devises a deliciously devious plan, but it takes an unexpected turn when she falls hard for Alana. What unfolds is an unconventional passion triangle that turns Kai’s once normal life upside down — forever.
In this witty and intriguing first novel, K. Elle Collier pushes the envelope to discover intimacy in the most unconventional situations.
Published: January 06th 2014



K.Elle started her writing career off by participating in various esteemed writing programs such as: The Bill Cosby Writing Workshop, The ABC Writing Fellowship as well as Warner Bros. Comedy Writing Program, this in turn lead to a staff writing position on the CW sitcom Girlfriends. K. Elle later branched off to other avenues of writing such as screenplays and stage plays, where she adapted the best-selling novel ‘Friends and Lovers’ by Eric Jerome Dickey for the stage.

Her love for writing flowed over to novels in which she currently has two best selling books My Man’s Best Friend (Book1) Kai’s Aftermath (Book 2) and Alana Bites Back (Book 3).