Afrobeat is a combination of Yoruba music, Jazz, Highlife, and Funk rhythms, fused with African percussion and vocal styles, popularized in Africa ..

What has come to be known as Afrobeats  is an umbrella name for mostly Ghanaian “hiplife” and Nigerian “Naija.” Broadly, the sound draws on the rich legacy of highlife and Afrobeat (à la Fela Kuti), contemporary American hip-hop and R&B production, a bit of Jamaican dancehall swagger, and Britain’s grimy take on house music.

UK artists with African roots are being drawn towards the sound too. Born in Britain but raised in Ghana, Fuse ODG is the first British Afrobeats star. His unabashedly poppy hits “Azonto” (also a phenomenally popular dance, and a byword for this whole sound) and “Antenna” have taken Afrobeats to mainstream daytime radio for the first time in the UK.

Our cd’s feature tunes by Keche, Atumpan, Vibe Squad, Fuse ODG, and many more.

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