rsz_16281000From New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison comes the sizzling tale of two friends and the provocative bet that forever changes their lives. Now, with their futures up in the air, who will play one vengeful game too many? And who will wish she wasn’t left standing?
I’m the wife Madison’s husband really deserves. Why won’t she let him go? Nursing wealthy businessman Chicago DuBois back to health was the least Loretta Lovelace figured she could do. After all, it was her bet that made Madison the object of a crazed stalker’s affections and put Chicago at death’s door. With Madison’s marriage on the rocks, Loretta couldn’t resist looking after Chicago’s interests and reigniting his passion for life. But now Madison wants to take back what’s no longer hers. . .

Published: November 22nd 2013



Mary “HoneyB” Morrison, in 1999, decided to step out on faith and quit her near six-figure government job with the Department of Housing and Urban Development to become a writer saying, “I’d rather die a failure, than to have lived and never known whether I would become a success.”

Before Mary resigned, she laid the four month foundation writing and self-publishing her first novel, “Soulmates Dissipate” which quickly became an Essence National Best-eller. Today, Mary has also written a non-fiction self-help book entitled “Who’s Making Love”, a poetry book entitled “Justice – Just Us Just Me”, and several fiction novels, “Never Again Once More”, “He’s Just a Friend”,” Somebody’s Gotta Be on Top”, “When Somebody Loves You Back”, “Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This” (released August 1, 2006), is co-authoring a novel with New York Times best-selling author, Carl Weber, and recently completed her first screenplay for “Soulmates Dissipate”.

Mary’s novel, “Somebody’s Gotta Be On Top”, was the #1 National Best-seller on Essence for both January and February 2005.