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Welcome to CaribbeanPot.com. This is all about food and the culinary culture of the Caribbean. Although my roots are in Trinidad and Tobago and part of my focus lies there my goal is to feature recipes from all the beautiful islands which make up the Caribbean.

CaribbeanPot.com came about in the spring of 2009 and the very fist recipe/post was made on March 24. A combination of things saw the birth of this recipe portal…

1. I hated the fact that our cuisine is not as documented (cookbooks, etc) as so many other cultures globally and that most people outside the Caribbean are deprived of the knowledge of hundreds of years of our cooking traditions.

2. I wanted Caron and our daughters to learn how to cook the food I grew up on and to be able to share that knowledge with their children (hopefully I get to be relieved of being the designated cook in the house). But since I learned with the “dash or this and a little of that” method (no real measurements) I knew I had to not only document things for them specifically, but to provide pictures to aid in the cooking process

3. With over 15 years of online working experience and my love for cooking . . . this was about to be my new hobby

4. With all that I’ve learned from my mom and dad in the kitchen, as well as my grandmothers (Julia 99 yrs old and Christina who died at the young age of 104) and my aunt Victoria who I lived with when I first moved to Canada . . . I knew I just had to pass that knowledge on. Special mention to uncle B whose mastery of the “bush cook” was passed on to me as well.


About Chris

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago but I now live in Hamilton Ontario with my beautiful wife Caron and our gorgeous daughters Kieana, Tehya and India. Cooking is a passion and though I have no formal training I can boast that I’ve been influenced by people who have a few hundred years worth of experience under their collective belts. As a typical Trinbagonian I love a good fete (party), liming (hanging out) with friends, ole talk, parang and pan, can take and give jokes, dependable, will try just about anything, family is very important to me and I was told that I can be very intimidating since I don’t smile . . . much!

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