The mature composition and performance heard now in Jarrod Lawson has made him wildly and widely popular in the Pacific Northwest—sharing stages with the likes of Bilal, Average White Band, Angelique Kidjo and Ronnie Laws. He has performed with Portland sensations like Farnell Newton, SoulMates and international star Liv Warfield who refers to Jarrod Lawson as “The Truth.”
Maybe best of all for Jarrod, so far, was performing at Stevie Wonder’s birthday party.
Whether he sings and plays funk, folk, R&B, rock or jazz—as has been said many times—“everything he touches turns to soul.”
What began as a child’s interest in sound and rhythm has become a man’s expression of his own character. He sings from his integrity and spirituality, passion and compassion, empathy and sympathy…in other words, his own soul.

01 Music & Its Magical Way
02 Sleepwalkers
03 He’s There
04 Walk in the Park
05 All That Surrounds
06 Think About Why
07 Redemption
08 Spiritual Eyes
09 Together We’ll Stand
10 Needed
11 Everything I Need
12 Gotta Keep


“School of Roses” continues the trend of borrowing from several genres. The album demonstrates Gray’s incredible range, his vocal abilities and his rapping skill. More impressively, Gray shows off his musical talent without succumbing to the all-too-common pitfall of many other rap artists: becoming vitriolic and abrasive in his lyrics. Unfortunately, the impressive vocal stylings on the album are not enough to elevate it from the pool of average rap or R&B albums released every year. Frankly, “School of Roses” sounds remarkably similar to something we’ve all heard a lot of recently, Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience,” but sadly it comes in as a second-tier version.

01. The Last Time
02. Wanna ft. JGivens
03. Windchaser
04. Vanish ft. Swoope
05. Roses 101 – After All
06. Hello or Goodbye
07. Moving On
08. Convenient ft. Wes Pendleton
09. SuperDave
10. Roses 102 – Burning House
11. Nostalgious ft. Taelor Gray & B. Reith
12. Lady Gray (Easy to Love)
13. Roses 103 – Ghost
14. Arena (The Final Hour)


The Floacist’s Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid is one of those rare albums that have a truly personal feel. Unlike the made to order, easily digestible fodder produced by most artists, you’ll complete the album feeling as if you know the Floacist a lil’ better. With her propensity to discuss romance and relationships, the album approaches the familiar, but including her lineage and progeny as subjects assist in making this listening experience unique. To keep things interesting during the 11 track peek into the British-Jamaican Poet/singer’s life there are several helpings of her Carib heritage in the form of reggae rhythms within her usual jazz/soul/R&b stew. You can call this album many things, but predictable is not one of them.

01 Feel Good
02 Try Something New (I Do)
03 Doing This
04 If You Really Wanna Know
05 Heat It Up
06 On It
07 Grandma
08 Good Love
09 Wisest Thing
10 Broken Heart
11 Omi O!
12 Womyn
13 Mami Loves You


Will Downing possesses one of the most smooth and soulful voices of a current singer, his blend of Soul and Smooth Jazz is a delight. ‘Euthoria’ is a mixture of new songs and classics given the Downing Sophisticated Soul treatment. ‘Heaven in your eyes’ is a superb new laid back track onwhich Will’svoice glides over a lilting groove. The Bluesier Soul of ‘You Can Bring me Flowers’ shows a dfferent dimension to Will’s music. The covers of Stevie’s ‘Too High’ , Teddy’s ‘Turn off the lights’ (ft Gerald Albright) and Hall and Oates ‘She’s Gone’ are also highlights.
Review courtesy of www.soulbrother.com

01 Turn Off the Lights
02 Too High
03 You Can Bring Me Flowers
04 If I Were a Magician
05 Meu Bem Querer
06 Lush Life
07 Heaven in Your Eyes
08 She’s Gone


Raheem_Devaughn_King_Of_Loveland-front-largeRAHEEM DEVAUGHN – KING OF LOVELAND
The Love King Raheem DeVaughn has released a new mixtape for all of his royal subjects to enjoy. King of Loveland is the latest in his string of mixtape releases, and it is a companion project to his last studio album, A Place Called Love Land. DeVaughn delivers another collection worthy of your time and attention.
Raheem DeVaughn mixtapes are practically albums in and of themselves, but because they’re typically chock full of unauthorized remakes he can’t officially release them. But don’t let the free price of King of Loveland (or many of his previous freeleases) lead you to believe that he’s giving his music away for free because no one will buy it. That’s definitely not the case here, and you may even want to find a tip jar to leave a few dollars behind.

01. Love King
02. Up For Air
03. Bad
04. How That Pxxxy Taste Feat. Visto
05. Primetime
06. Genius
07. Fire We Make
08. XXX Feat. Chaz French
09. It Wont Stop
10. Ridiculous
11. Cry Baby
12. Rebirth


J. Hollins brand new album, for me not a match on his past albums ‘The Chronicles’ and ‘Untitled’, however I did find 3 tracks that will go down well with the 2Step London crew. ‘Can I’ with that Marvin Gaye feel, ‘You’re My Girl’ and ‘Heaven’.


01 Stomping [Explicit]
02 Back 2 U (feat. Drty Gnus) [Explicit]
03 Breathe
04 Me and My Pen [Explicit]
05 Dirty Pikturez
06 Her High (feat. Juice) [Explicit]
07 Can I
08 Just Ain’t You (feat. Izaac J)
09 You’re My Girl
10 Blast Off
11 Heaven
12 The Theme [Explicit]
13 Just the Facts [Explicit]


Motter’s just released a brand new LP. Under his own name this time, ‘Lost & Loved’ is another great mix of jazzy instrumentals and modern soul grooves, and it’s one of those grooves that starts proceedings. ‘Star’ features the great soul voice of indie star LeNora Jaye and the cut has a cool drive that’s hard to ignore. LeNora’s out front too on the slinky ‘If You Like It’. Her delivery working well with Larry Kimpel’s sensual bass lines. Other featured singers include ex Soul II Souler, Melissa Bell; Michelle Bradshaw; Karl Frierson; Helena Paul; and Helen Taylor and Eric Conley. That pair duet on one of the album’s highlights – the ultra sensual ‘I Keep Imagining’. The cut starts as an intimate dialogue before the tune itself kicks in – an interesting concept… sort of Barry White for the 21st century!

01 Star Start
02 High times Start
03 Lost & loved Start
04 Come into my world Start
05 Madagascar Start
06 Lovin’ meditation Start
07 Butterflies Start
08 I keep imagining Start
09 If you like it Start
10 No dance Start
11 Rain